Lashing is hazardous work – It requires efficient safety procedures, well-trained professionals and proper equipment. Well-coordinated lashing and cargo securing process between all stakeholders guarantees reliable, precise and safe operations. Outsourced lashing operations also supports vessel’s crew fatigue risk management measures. Other benefits of outsourced lashing operations to a shipping company:
  • Savings in crew salary costs.
  • Improved crew occupational health and work satisfaction.
  • Improved safety level of whole operations (work safety, loss or damage to the cargo, seamanship).


  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Currently operations in Helsinki, Kotka and Rauma
  • Highly trained and motivated professionals.
  • The most reliable, cost-effective and responsible player in our industry.
  • Safety, quality and reliability provided with the world class processes and standards.

With URA Group you are choosing a partner who cares about quality, safety and reliability,
and has the know-how and passion to deliver it.