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Our unique service model improves
quality and brings savings.

URA Group is a house of doers and makers. Our operational model is based on partnership thinking where we harness 100% of our expertise for the needs of our client companies.

Partnership thinking is guided by shared goals and a model of shared benefits and risk distribution. Both parties benefit from the continuous process improvement based on lean thinking. This is valued by by both those in charge of the functionality of logistics operations and those making decisions on the profitability of the business.

By outsourcing your intralogistics to URA Group, you can change your fixed logistics costs into variable costs. This will also significantly improve your company’s ability to react to volume changes and help you ensure the high service experience quality for your own customers. The service costs only comprise the actual work performance and tasks, not the time used. When the volumes of material flows grow, we will induct additional staff members and shoulder the overtime costs. Similarly, if your cargo volume decreases, so will the processing costs without delay.

We utilise digital tools efficiently for process monitoring and communications. Our operations are transparent and sustainable, meeting the sustainability and quality chains of our customer companies.

Five great reasons for why you should choose URA Group:

  1. Costs will change from fixed expenses to variable costs
  2. Quick and effective reactions to changing situations
  3. Full transparency for the entire process
  4. True partnerships – shared benefit and risk distribution model
  5. Trained and motivated staff

See where and how much you can save in your operations

How to start?

We always start with a comprehensive review on the volume, challenges and opportunities of your operations. At the same time, we will agree on our shared goals and the shared benefit and risk distribution model.

Next, based on this analysis, we will present you a plan for developing your work methods and processes, with the cost impacts included.

After launching our cooperation, we will constantly monitor the operations, applying the shared indicators. We will also be in charge of the project documentation and communications.