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A service concept customised to your needs

Intralogistics is our strength. We are familiar with the daily life, challenges and bottlenecks of warehouses and terminals. In this area, we will work together with you to create a service concept customised to your needs which consists only of the things you need and that help you achieve more profitable business in the constantly changing global situation.

Our operations are based on our extensive experience, and on learning about our customers’ own processes as well as on our continuous development and performance-based pricing. Savings can be achieved by turning the fixed expenses of the logistics process into variable costs that instantly react to the fluctuations in demand. You will only pay for the actual work performance and tasks, not for time.

We take responsible for moving the goods even in a hurry. We also ensure that you will not pay for nothing when demand slows down. Our transparency and the shared benefit and risk model ensure great quality and end result – and a restful night’s sleep for you!

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Better intralogistics as a service

Our strong competence in the field, professional and committed staff and active work with our customers helps us keep our promises for improved intralogistics service.

  • Cargo transport terminals and warehouses
  • Wholesale warehouses
  • Needs of the manufacturing industry

More flexible port operations as a service

Securing the cargo is a demanding work that requires knowledge of safety regulations, specialized expertise, and its own specific tools. Local weather conditions and increasingly tighter schedules present their own challenges to occupational safety. By specializing in this work, we have refined a safe and efficient working model for our cargo securing service, tailored to the conditions in Finland.

  • Availability 24/7/365
  • Operations in Helsinki, Rauma and Kotka
  • Trained, motivated professionals who know what to do and work responsibly
  • Standardised processes ensure safety, high work quality and reliability